Creating translations for a new product

Eric Casteleijn thisfred at
Tue Apr 25 13:28:15 BST 2006

I have a request for another product to make use of Rosetta (as its
primary translation tool, yay!):

I have put a tarbal with the current .pot, and the first l10n (de) here:

I am not the maintainer of that product myself, so if that is a
problem, please let me know. (He asked me to do this for him, since
I'd already done it before.)

Also, a question about the structure of the tarballs to be up and
downloaded from Rosetta:

In my products we use the current standard Zope 3 i18n infrastructure
(at least I think so), which uses a directory structure like:


where <ProductName> would be something like 'SilvaDLCMS', and <lc>
would be for instance 'de' or 'nl'.

Now keeping our svn repositories and Rosetta in sync would be a lot
less of a chore, when I could just tar the i18n directory and upload
it, and when I download it, it would be the exact same structure, and
the only files that would have changed would be the .po files. I know
this is probably asking a bit much, but hey, I can try can't I? ;)

Another cool feature would be to have Rosetta do svn checkouts of the
.pot file in our repository periodically, so that translators are
never working on out of date strings.

Right now, I still find myself in the dark sometimes about doing
things in the most efficient way:

When we want to release a new version of Silva, we grab all the
translations from Rosetta, then run a new string extraction and merge.
So far so good, but then the question becomes: do we upload the new
.po files along with the modified .pot, or does rosetta take care of
updating the .po files when a new .pot comes in? (this is what I've
been assuming).

Anyone else using Rosetta for their software in combination with an
external versioning repository, and do they have ideas on best/better



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