What do you want in your translation summary page?

Claude Paroz paroz at email.ch
Mon Apr 24 21:17:32 BST 2006

Le dimanche 23 avril 2006 à 08:37 +0800, Mark Shuttleworth a écrit :
> Abel Cheung wrote:
> > And I want to add a <aol>me too</aol>. The accountability of users
> > is 
> > important; right now it is so convenient that any random Joe can
> > mess up 
> > with team work. Sometimes they do provide correct translation and 
> > actually helped; but still, the changes are hiden under cover, so
> > it's quite 
> > impossible to review. 
> Hmm.. this depends on how you have configured your
> project/product/distro translation permissions.
>   Open => Any user can edit any translation.
>   Structured => Any user can make suggestions but only team members
> can edit the actual published translation IF there is a language team
> for that language, if there is no language team then its considered
> open.
>   Closed => Only team members can edit, contributions from anyone else
> are just suggestions even if there is no language team.
> So, the trick here is to have tight control of your language teams,
> and use Structured or Closed translation permission. Then only the
> people you trust (the language team) will actually edit translations,
> the others will just make suggestions.
It's precisely the problem, when the control has been a little relaxed
for any period over the team membership, it's almost impossible to come
back and to find who is the "problem".


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