What do you want in your translation summary page?

Robert Schumann robert at cantab.net
Sat Apr 22 11:30:58 BST 2006

Myriam Schweingruber wrote:
> Hi all,
> Le Vendredi 14 Avril 2006 14:20, Jordi Mallach a écrit :
>> What else do you think would be useful, for you, translators, and for
>> you, team leaders?
> Wordlists! I'm used to do translations in other fields too and wordlists are 
> a "must have" if there is more than one translator. It is the only way to 
> agree on words and synonyms and it saves a lot of time and discussions about 
> how to translate specific terms, especially for people who jump on the 
> running train.
I'm a fairly inexperienced translator, and I've been scared to jump in 
to translations precisely because of all the issues mentioned in the 
last week or so i.e. there doesn't seem to be an easy way for group 
admins to approve my translations, sometimes I can't translate a 
sentence because I'm unsure of the conventional translation of just one 
word, and so on.

Regarding wordlists: I procured an electronic dictionary of IT terms 
from another project, and parsed it into wiki format; it is now available at
Unfortunately it doesn't have many open source-related words.  We also 
have our own dictionary at 
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfrikaansTranslators/VertalerWoordeboek, but I 
don't think many of the active translators use or contribute to it.

I think the wiki is the ideal place for such wordlists because of the 
unrestricted format.  You can also include information about, for 
example, how to approach the translation of       iso-3166-2 (geocodes, 
which include place names in other languages) which you couldn't do in a 
strict Rosetta-based wordlist.  It is also easy to find and interlink 
words in a wiki - to impose a structure.

In summary, I'd like to endorse (not necessarily related to the summary 
 * a way to see which packages have upstream translations and what 
should be done in that case (mentioned by mdke in posting 
 * all the ideas about finding out who created a particular (broken) 
string and searching for strings from one person.
 * recently translated (*not* recently imported) strings displayed on 
the summary page, so you can see where activity is
 * high priority packages to translate, as determined by the team leader 
or rosetta admins?
 * popcon rating (or other indication of significance) of any particular 
package.  I'd prefer to translate something that is going to be used, 
rather than a niche application that is only for use in Outer FarOffLand....

I suppose as a new user - or perhaps simply someone who is browsing 
rosetta to see if he likes the idea of participating in translation - it 
would be nice to know what the activity in a language is, how many 
people are translating, and where to start suggesting translations for 
approval.  I would like to be able to get my father-in-law involved in 
translating, since he has vast expertise in the field, but I can't show 
him rosetta because at the moment it confuses me a little....

> Greets
> Myriam

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