removing/updating translator notes in Rosetta

Mika Heiska kilualmighty at
Thu Apr 6 18:10:05 BST 2006

Jordi Mallach wrote:
> Hi Mika!
> On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 04:21:03PM +0300, Mika Heiska wrote:
>> Hi. New to the list and Rosetta. Anyway...
>> How can I update or completely remove translator notes from a 
>> translation? I don't see an option to erase them or anything like that. 
>> Surely it's possible?
> It isn't, through the web interface. You can download the po file and do
> it with a specialised PO editor.
> Jordi

Howdy. Well, I have poedit, which I used to translate before I uploaded
the newest .po to Rosetta. However, it seems that eventhough I removed
several comments from the .po with poedit, Rosetta kept the old ones
after the newest upload. So, it looks like updating them probably works,
but removing them doesn't seem to, atleast for me. I wonder if it's just
me or has anyone else had similar problems.

Either way, is there plans to implement such function in the webinterface?

Also on a side note, this list should have a Reply-To defined as well. 
Right now when I click reply, it will automatically reply to the person 
who sent the mail to the list, and not to the list at all. Sorry for the 
extra mail there Jordi. :p

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