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El mar, 04-04-2006 a las 23:24 +0400, Igor Zubarev escribió:
> Hi!


> I'm a member of Russian localization team.
> There are a lot of changes in translations since I'm here. It's about
> 1 month.
> But Language Pack has not changed. It's the same since then. 
> Apt doesn't return new package with russian translations.
> What's the problem?

Well, we are updating them from time to time, it's true that we are not
following the one month update as it was planned, but we are near it.

Atm, we are improving the procedure to update language packs and I think
we will get an update soon. We are working on improving the quality of
those language packs and don't worry, that your translations are not


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> Igor
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