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On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 12:34:41PM -0400, Dennis Craven wrote:
> I believe it is still necessary that you attach your project's po
> template (.pot file) to an email to this list. The Rosetta team members
> will then add it for you. Once this is done, I think it is possible for
> you to update it yourself if necessary when serpentine's strings change.

Not exactly. What really helps is getting an URL to a tar with all the
relevant files (.po and .pot) that people want to get uploaded.

Normally people give URLs to CVSweb interfaces, which end up being a
Royal Pain to download from.

You'll do me a great favour if you provide urls with tar.gz, or, if you
use SVN, the next prefered format is to give a svn://url to the
directory containing the files, but it's still less convenient than a

Thanks for your cooperation :)

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