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On Thu, 2005-09-15 at 12:18 +0200, Quim Gil wrote:


> We are planning to customize a Ubuntu distro starting from Breezy
> CDLive. It is for a Spanish university, it will be in Spanish and 4.000
> copies will be delivered.
> We need to decide whether to include the software for MS Windows or not.
>  The main factor is disk space (the client wants some extra packages)
> but the second in importance is the localization of the Windows section
> that comes from TheOpenCD and the applications included.
> Is Rosetta managing or aiming to manage these applications as well?

no, we are not handling it (yet) with Rosetta

> I've seen there are already localisations to other languages, althoug
> Spanish is not in the list. Is it there a (documented) way to proceed
> with a new localisation?

I think this link should help you a bit:


> Thank you.
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