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Juan J. Marin Martinez juanj.marin at
Mon Sep 19 02:36:14 CDT 2005

Hi there,

Another problem we've found about this package is that the referenced 
urls on the Ubuntu website are in English, so we think that they need to 
be translated, Any clue about how we can achieve this?. Can we use 
rosetta to translate these pages ?

Thank you,

     -- Juanjo Marín

Matthew East escribió:

>Dear all,
>The About Ubuntu document has been translated into many languages, thank
>you very much for your efforts! A couple of important things to note:
>We have recently corrected a bug in the document and uploaded a new
>template to rosetta: this means that in many languages there is a new
>string to be translated. Please don't forget that one! Sorry for the
>A number of translators have noticed a problem with the
>"translator-credits" string: Rosetta does not give you the chance to
>insert more than one translator, because there is only one line. This is
>a known bug with Rosetta, for what it's worth, a good workaround might
>be to insert the name and url to the relevant translating team, like
>Ubuntu French Translators
>(for example).
>Hope this helps, and thanks again for all of your efforts.


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