Translation setup for plone

Hanno Schlichting schlichting at
Sat Sep 17 16:29:20 CDT 2005

Hi Jordi.

As we have discussed on IRC a while back, I have now set up a new 
project called plone with some products inside it. The one product which 
is missing now is the already registered product called cmfplone.

Could you please move the cmfplone product from its current 'global' 
position at /products/cmfplone to /projects/plone/cmfplone.

If you should have some additional time you could move the registered 
pot/po files to their corresponding products and as my import seems to 
have failed, add the two new pot files of plonelanguagetool and 
linguaplone. All files can be found at

Please correct me if I am wrong, but after this initial import I should 
be able to import new versions of the pot files and the actual po files 
myself, right?

As you might remember we currently have some incompatibilities 
(plone-no.po instead of plone-nb.po, etc) so if the before-mentioned is 
correct you shouldn't import the actual po files, but leave these to me, 
as you have already more than enough to do ;)

Many thanks and kind regards,

P.S. Is my wish to be able to manage memberships of the plone 
translations group myself still on the to-do list and have some planned 
date when this might work?

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