String Freeze and other rosetta questions

Logiotatidis Giorgos seadog at
Sat Sep 3 03:48:42 CDT 2005

	I have a couple of questions about rosetta...

1. according to the release schedule string freeze should be
applied this week. Is this going to happen, or it's cancelled/out of

2. Can someone name the ubuntu specific packages (like
gnome-app-install) so we can translate these first?

3. If there is an app (e.g. beagle) not included in rosetta and
translations exist for some languages, are the translations going to be
included in breezy or not? And if not, what's the procedure so that they
get included (Add app into rosetta?)

4. Some translations in rosetta are outdated. Who is supposed to find
out , report, upload new? Is all the work get done by a script or we
should report it?

Thanks in advance,


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