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On Tue, 2005-10-11 at 11:13 +0300, z wrote:
> hello,


> i'm rostislav raykov and i'm part of the team that should translate
> ubuntu. i'm also part of the gnome translation team that translates
> into bulgarian. gnome in bulgarian is at 100%, but the problem is i
> can't manage to find the ubuntu specific translations in rosetta (like
> language-selector or printing and etc.) i thought they don't have
> individual packages, but when i viewed the translation templates for
> other languages i saw that there are individual translation templates
> for other languages, but not for bulgarian. i'm asking you to include
> the ubuntu specific templates for bulgarian in rosetta in order to be
> able to translate them and ubuntu to be fully translated in bulgarian.
> thank you in advance,

We don't need to create your language, just go to logged as your user and you should see it if you are in a country that speaks that language or your browser settings have it, if it's not the case, go to and choose it.


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