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Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at canonical.com
Tue Nov 29 08:41:00 GMT 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-16 at 19:12 +0000, R.A. wrote:
> Hi. Below follow some ideas for improving Rosetta collected in a Wiki and
> others of my own. Some are important, others, not really...

Hi, would you file bug reports for every entry you have in this email?

We have some work already done to address some of your points.

> 1.Rosetta must give CLEAR indication of which package comes from main /
> universe / others

This will be done when Ubuntu development starts using Launchpad.

> 2. Translators should be allowed to subscribe to changes in the given template
> (bugzilla like). It happens sometimes that a few strings are changed upstream,
> the translation is reused, but the translator doesn't notice that it's
> necessary to take a little bit of action to translate those few strings that
> changed. I think this a very important enchancement.

We have already a spec for this:


> 3. Translators should be allowed to subscribe to changes in a given translation
> made by others. (different from 2!!)

That's too specific, but not a bad idea. Will take it into account (but
file a but so we don't miss it)

> 4. Any new application that is added to main, at least ubuntu ones, needs to be
> announced to ubuntu-translators and have support for translation! Look what
> happened with SMEG in breezy:-(

The notification is more or less doable... but 'have support for
translation'... we don't have a way to do that automatically because
sometimes, it's just that the application makes no sense to be
translated so someone needs to review it manually or set a policy for
Ubuntu developers that all new packages added to main should be
translatable... don't know... Anyway, please, file a bug.

> 5. Allow the team administrator to define that a package translation is
> completed and therefore no one can translate anymore unless directly allowed by
> the administrator.

team administrator == translation team admin?

Nice feature.
> 6. Allow the team administrator do define that a given package needs a REVIEW
> process. A REVIEW TEAM OF A GIVEN NUMBER OF ELEMENTS will then review the
> translations (the reviewers can mark the strings that are reviewed) and only
> when the review is completed the 100% status will appear.

Hmm, usually this will be detected automatically when suggestions are
added or that template from another distribution or upstream product is
updated. Anyway, it's a different use case and makes sense. Thanks.

> 7. Please indicate explicitly if a given translation is being uploaded upstream
> or not.

It should be easy to note that in our UI...

> 8. What about having a guy on IRC #ubuntu-devel or #launchpad or a new
> #ubuntu-translators, whose only function is to listen do translators various
> problems, which can be related to packages not having translation support,
> certain strings that can't be translated, etc. This guy would then take care of
> talking to developers, mantainers, etc. to help solve the problems.

Well... Jordi is going to hate me... but I suppose you can bother him
with that :-P

In theory you can ping jordi, daf or myself about that, but bug reports
are more useful and is harder that launchpad forgets it, our minds are
not so good and the amount of packages we would have would make it

I think filing a bug should be the way to go...

> 9. Include a "search" functionality in a single POT file and a "search"
> funcionality in all the POT files of a given language.


> 10. Allow for a search on the accepted translations of a given word or
> sentence. For example, I don't remember how to translate the word "Dictionary".
> I use the search box and previous translations of this word are shown, if any.
> (Something like the suggestions shown nowadays below the translation box).

This use case would be the same as before (9) but adding a way to filter
out the unaccepted translations...

Another option would be:

> Hope this is somehow helpful. 

All suggestions are helpful! thank you!

Please, remember to file the bugs so we don't miss this...


> Cheers,
> WaterSevenUb and some ubuntu-pt folks
> -- 

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