rosetta import queue

David Farning dfarning at
Wed Nov 23 19:04:18 GMT 2005

I was wondering if anyone has thought of putting
together an import queue for rosseta.  I have modified
some automake and gettext macros so that I can now run

./configure && make l10n-dump

which builds a new .pot template against the source
code and modifies the .po files to match the new
template while merging existing msgstrings from the
old .po files.

The new .pot and .po files are then bundled into a
tarball named $PACKAGENAME.l10n.tar.gz.

This tarball is ready to be dropped into a input queue
for rosetta.

On the flip side, I can also run

./configure && make l10n-merge

to merge the contents of  $PACKAGENAME.l10n.tar.gz
back into the /po directories from which they came.

This seems quite handy!

My biggest questions are: 
1. Is an input queue feasible?
2. Can Launchpad be adapted to merge these often
redundent l10n.tar.gz?  In terms of automation, a
script can be set up to:

update a cvs tree
./configure && make l10n-dump
upload the dump l10n-dump to into the rosetta input

rinse and repeat...      

Then if rosetta can gracefully merge any changes into
it's data,  We have a slick way to keep rosetta upto
date with the various packages cvss.


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