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On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 11:24:53AM +0100, Antonio Olmo Titos wrote:
>     I have just registered the product “streamtuner” [1] (a stream
> directory browser) in Launchpad [2] and would like to translate it into
> Spanish with some help from my colleagues from “Guadalinex” [3]
> development team.
>     Could any administrator please import the template
> «streamtuner.pot» [4] so we can start translating?

Antonio, have you contacted the streamtuner authors to see if they are
ok with this? If they agree to maintain their pots in Rosetta, it makes
our and their lives a lot easier as we ensure there's no duplication of

If you haven't asked them yet, please do, or tell me if you want me to
do it instead.

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