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Hello Bastian, Jan Paul and Terry,

On Fri, Nov 04, 2005 at 07:22:37PM +0100, Bastian Frank wrote:
> Dear Rosetta team,
> I should... 
> > ...ask the Rosetta team to set it up by sending an email to the
> > Rosetta mailing list. You should give them the URL to the
> > gnomesword.pot and .po files. You will be able to start translating
> > once they are imported.
> Unfortunately I can't give you the necessary URL to these files because
> I don't know them but I hope you'll nevertheless set up GnomeSword2
> Bible guide soon in Rosetta.

If the GnomeSword developers (Cc:'d) are interested, we can upload their
files from CVS so they are easily reachable by many translators that
may want to translate GS to other languages.

Jan Paul and Terry, I've been looking around GnomeSword's project pages
at sourceforge, and can't find a CVS tree that is fairly recent, so I
don't know what your translation status is. I have noticed that there's
no "official" infrastructure to deal with GS translations. Rosetta is a
new site which aims to be the main resource for translations for all
Free Software communities.

If we import GS to Rosetta, you basically get a way of attracting
people to translate GS into many languages, while they learn more about
the project itself. When preparig a release, you'd just have to pull a
tarball with all the current translations which you can include in your

Rosetta is only one part of a big infrastructure called The Launchpad which offers other services like bug or source

If you think you are interested in adding GnomeSword to Rosetta, please
tell me and I will setup things for you and give you more info.

You have a FAQ about what rosetta is in

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