Gourmet translations no longer working; page directs me here

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Mon Mar 28 07:03:18 CST 2005

Hi Thomas

We're in process with a big update to the underlying code that drives 
Rosetta, so things will be shaky for a week or two. Your translations 
definitely have not been lost, we've just broken some of the URL's while 
we refactor for the push to enable translations of Hoary. That change 
resulted in a lot of breakage which we'll clean up this weke and next.

I'll have a look and see if there's a quick fix (might just be a 
non-obvious URL that you can use) and let you have it, otherwise it will 
come right over the next few days.


Thomas Mills Hinkle wrote:

>I've been using rosetta for my app (grecipe-manager.sourceforge.net)
>for some time now, but recently rosetta has started displaying a page
>Gourmet has not yet been setup for translation through Rosetta. If you
>have the latest PO Template for Gourmet then you should ask
>administrators to setup this product sending an email to Rosetta's
>mailing list .
>So, this is my message to this mailing list. Please tell me what I
>need to do to get Gourmet translations working again (and to get back
>old translations on rosetta!). Thank you.

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