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Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at
Thu Mar 10 06:01:09 CST 2005

Reimar Heider wrote:
> Hi,
>> We are working on a way to prevent that. In the mean time, please 
>> check the Abiword website and get from there latest translations and 
>> import them into Rosetta to translate only the strings that remains 
>> untranslated.
> I do not think that is possible. He cannot import them into Rosetta, can 
> he?

Yes, anyone can:

Change 'es' with your language code.

In fact you could add there also the pluralform information directly so 
you don't need to wait until we apply it globally for the whole system 
(but you still need to send us that information unless you want to add 
it by hand to every project you want to translate).

>> I think abiword is not using .po files directly so perhaps you should 
>> ask Erdal Ronahi <reimar.heider at> (I think he was who imported 
>> Abiword into Rosetta)
> Indeed, they use a different system, and the .po files that one can 
> download from their CVS are outdated. If you are good at linux and perl, 
> you can convert the strings into po and vice versa. I am not, and I have 
> not yet managed the task. But it will be easier to change the strings. 
> describes some 
> of it.

They had a script to do it automatically last time I looked at Abiword 
(about a couple of years ago...), has it been removed?


> Cheers.

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