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Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at
Thu Mar 10 05:43:08 CST 2005

Marco Ciampa wrote:
> I think I'm missing something.
> I started translating Abiword in Italian. Then stopped remainding me
> that I saw abiword almost translated completly.
> But in rosetta all the messages seems untraslated.
> What's up? Are rosetta translations completly indipendent from the
> original applications source?
> Sorry if is a trivial question...

That's a problem with who imported Abiword into Rosetta.

Usually, people imports only the .pot file + the language they are 
interested on and that causes the confusion you have.

We are working on a way to prevent that. In the mean time, please check 
the Abiword website and get from there latest translations and import 
them into Rosetta to translate only the strings that remains untranslated.

I think abiword is not using .po files directly so perhaps you should 
ask Erdal Ronahi <reimar.heider at> (I think he was who imported 
Abiword into Rosetta)


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