System Error - Reporting a bug?

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Reporting a bug as per instructions


Bugs in Rosetta

Although Rosetta is being used for translation today, it is expected that
users will discover bugs. We will endeavour to fix bugs quickly as they are
found, but hope users will understand that this is a new tool. 

Currently, the preferred method of reporting bugs in Rosetta is to send a
message to the mailing list. Feedback about Rosetta is encouraged and



Bug Description



I cannot Save/Update anything translated.  The error message is 


A system error occurred.


This happens in any/all the projects[synaptic, XQF, grsibi etc] I try .have
done a few previously without any problems.  




What have I done so far without success?




Tried saving with only one item transalated / All Items translated/even with
no items changed

Have tried using Firefox and IE 

Have unconditionally accepted the certificate in Firefox

Have added the site as a trusted site
in IE.

Have "refreshed" the page [forcing a re post] once the error message is

Have sworn at it 



More information


None that I can think is applicable



Using Firefox V1.01, IE 6 / On a LAN with ADSL connection [no time out I
know off] / No software that will block posting stuff to the ubuntu website





Please fix - I use this to unwind after a log day

I have not activated email from the list.replies might take a while [I receiving way to much email already]





Theuns Smuts







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