Hosting Rosetta

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Mon Jun 13 05:46:29 CDT 2005

anmar wrote:

> Just so you know, I am one of the online community
> and the thought was to put it on our Arabic/Linux site.

In that case, the best approach would be to create a Team, and include
all of your translators in that team. Then it becomes easy to give all
of your translators permission to translate any given Arabic PO file in

For example, it would be great to add your group to this list:

That would mean that your translators could immediately translate any
Ubuntu PO file into Arabic. Similarly, the same group can be appointed
as the Arabic translators for any

Using Rosetta, your translations can be shared very efficiently between
upstreams and distros, and across projects. The first stages of that
collaboration framework are going into production this week. They allow
translators working in the same language in a related po file to see
your translations instantly as soon as you make them in yours.


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