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Thanks, Matthew and Carlos !

On 7/7/05, matthew.east.ubuntu at breathe.com
<matthew.east.ubuntu at breathe.com> wrote:

> I think it should be sufficient to add the relevant language to your
> profile. Login and go to Rosetta, then choose "Select languages" on the
> right hand side. Add the language, then you should be able to translate!

hmm....i tried it and got a system error thrice ! 
/QUOTE : Sorry, a system error occurred
If you were just adding or changing something, Launchpad probably
hasn't recorded those changes. /UNQUOTE

The webpage displays only one language at a time and one has to use
the 'shift+arrow' keys to navigate through all the listed languages...
or is it just my browser's error ?

On 7/7/05, Carlos Perelló Marín <carlos.perello at canonical.com> wrote:

> You should coordinate with them so your work is reused by upstream. That
> means talk with them so they now you are going to work on that
> translation, use Rosetta to translate, export your translation as a .po
> file and send it to them so they store your translation and it's used by
> any other distribution not only by Ubuntu.

ok... i did  read-up a bit but am off to find out more :-) 
btw, what do you mean by upstream ? I am new in the GNU world and have
a lot to learn.

> Just request to join any of them. Just in case the team you are
> interested on does not exists, just send me an email requesting the
> language team you want to create and I will add it for you.

i would like to join the sanskrit team but could not find the listing for it.

> I think that if CharacterMap has support for the characters you want,
> gedit would let you use them without major problems as long as you
> select that font from its preferences.

Is there direct keyboard support for typing ? 
Afaik, it works with gedit using drag>copy>cut+paste (very slow) but
being new to ubuntu-linux , maybe i am missing something !
I was told i need asian/indic script glyphs to directly type on the keyboard.  
I use Ubuntu 4.10 which has Unicode character map support but only for
full consonants.  We have many words where the following combination
is possible :
2 consonents + a vowel, or
half consonants + full consonant + vowel and others which is not
available with the current software.

I tried googling but it was more confusing as there are so many
software's, but i am not sure if they are supported by Ubuntu.  Gosh,
pen and paper rocks !

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