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Wed Jul 6 12:41:00 CDT 2005

Thanks, Mark !

On 7/5/05, Mark Shuttleworth <mark at canonical.com> wrote:

> Welcome, Svaksha! The best place to start is in Rosetta.
>    https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/hoary/+translations
> It would be good to setup an Ubuntu translation team for each of those
> languages, and add you to it.

some packages already have a few Indian languages like hindi, marathi,
punjabi, tamil, bengali, malayalam, etc.. listed.


however  they have "Permissions:  Closed".  In that case how does one
join a particular team ?

> All you'll need is a web browser, and an understanding of the way
> translation works in software! If you have further questions, this is
> the list.

i have libpango1.0 (ver1.6.0b) for layout and rendering and
libpango1.0 common (ver1.6.0b) modules and config files.
Is that the right library package for displaying Devanagari scripts ? 
Do i need to download any fonts or are they installed in the system. 
I noticed that Applications>Accessories>CharacterMap does have the
support but how can i use it with gedit.
Are indic script glyphs supported in OO-1.1 (i use Ubuntu 4.10).

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