free as in beer (was Re: Clean Sheet?)

Dafydd Harries daf at
Mon Jan 31 09:29:51 CST 2005

Ar 20/01/2005 am 18:12, ysgrifennodd Jonathon Blake:
> Valient wrote:
> > Free as in beer..  Haven't followed the history of GNU, 
> Carlos also conviently ignored the fact that 
> a The sibling / parent  of Rosetta is licenced under the GNU GPL. 
> b) It sibling / parent can be downloaded from SourceFourge.

Which sibling/parent are you talking about?

Rosetta was developed entirely from the beginning within Canonical.

Rosetta is based upon free software such as Python, Zope and Postgres,
but it is itself not under the GPL or any other free licence.

Note also that Sourceforge is proprietary, yet you advocate using it as
a service for free software development. Rosetta is in a similar


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