Is Rosettas's source code available?

Peter Damoc pdamoc at
Mon Jan 31 05:36:45 CST 2005

On Sun, 30 Jan 2005 22:58:33 +0100, Dionisio Martínez Soler <dmsoler at> wrote:

> Thank you for your answer, and sorry for asking again.
> But probably there will be lots of people asking again: this information
> is not in the web page of Ubuntu or of Rosetta, and when Rosetta's
> people ask to use and test Rosetta, newbies like me wonder if there is
> any guarantee that Rosetta is / will be free software...
> Regards,
> Dionisio Martínez Soler
Now the "closed source" info is part of the wiki page. :)
Maybe someone from rosetta devel could add more info... like an estimate about when will rosetta might be released as OSS.

Peter Damoc
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