[D-I] Using Ubuntu's Rosetta or translate.org's Pootle for handling some Debian translations?

Dafydd Harries daf at muse.19inch.net
Fri Jan 21 13:44:59 CST 2005

Ar 21/01/2005 am 17:30, ysgrifennodd Christian Perrier:
> > | As there are many definitions of free software, we include the guidelines we
> > | use to determine if software is "free" below. We will support our users who
> > | develop and run non-free software on Debian, but we will never make the
> > | system depend on an item of non-free software.
> > 
> > This is a no-go. We cannot use non-free software as part of the Debian
> > infrastructure. There is nothing to discuss as is.
> Well, at the minimum, I'd like to be sure that the above is correct
> and that Rosetta's infrastructure includes non free parts. This is
> maybe explained somewhere but up to now, I just don't know....
> So, this is why I wouldn't start to throw stones at this Ubuntu
> project and I'd prefer not seeing others do so...:-)

I can officially confirm that Rosetta is inded not free software.

However, I don't think this need be a problem. Some d-i translators
using Rosetta will not make Debian non-free any more than some kernel
developers using BitKeeper makes Linux non-free, or that packages which
have upstream project hosted on SourceForge are non-free.

Of course, we understand very well that some people will object to using
a non-free tool.

It is a stated long-term goal that Rosetta will be released under a free
licence, and I look forward to that day.


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