where is the source?

Otto Kekäläinen ottolist at kekalainen.net
Wed Jan 12 07:24:13 CST 2005


I've been searching the website, docs, wiki, rosetta etc but I haven't found 
any place where I could find the source for the Ubuntu-specific 
(debian-)installer. I've also sent out several mails, but haven't got any 
replys yet, so I beg to you if somebody could help me with this simple thing.

So, where is the source?

I'd like to translate the installer into Finnish. It is already translated in 
Debian, so all I need is to fix a few Ubuntu-specific strings, if I just 
could find the source (and maybe some instructions on how to remaster a 
installation-CD for testing purposes the "right way").

| Otto Kekäläinen
| Osuuskunta Sange
| http:/linux.sange.fi/

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