how to know the latest version of a po file in rosetta?

Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at
Tue Jan 11 05:37:06 CST 2005

On Sun, 2005-01-09 at 01:35 +0200, Sivan Green wrote:
> Hello world,


>   I would like to know how we can track down po versions in rosetta, as 
> on the israeli country team we would like to start translating and want 
> to sync up with other already going gnome and debian translations 
> efforts. It would be specifically useful to know a corrosponding version 
> number against a debian or a gnome official po files, so we won't redo 
> stuff that has already been done etc etc...:-)

Hmm, the only way to do that is using the PO-Revision-Date field (in
case the translator updates it every time it's changed).

We also need to fix Rosetta so that field is updated every time someone
changes a string in Rosetta.

If you want to use any other way to control that version, it's difficult
because you need that all people use it.

We could show you in the UI the PO-Revision-Date field that we had in
last po import. Any suggestion about where and how to show you it?


> Thanks!
> Sivan
> .il Team Lead.

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