Plural information

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Wed Jan 5 04:25:21 CST 2005

Carlos, could you update the error message to include links to the 
relevant info so people know exactly what details to send to the list to 
get their language included?

Gisli Ottarsson wrote:

>I am contacting this list because I received the following message when
>I tried to use Rosetta to translate Synaptic.  Could someone explain how
>to proceed?
>   Gisli
>This template contains plural messages. To be able to translate these
>messages, we need to have special information for each language.
>However, we do not have this information for  Icelandic,  please
>contact the Rosetta users mailing list to resolve this. This procedure
>only ever needs to be done once per language. Once we have the
>information, you can translate into these languages.

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