status of translated languages, and a fix to Norwegian

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Mon Feb 21 15:50:26 CST 2005

We're working on making the complete set of translations for the next 
Ubuntu release, Hoary Hedgehog, available through Rosetta, and mapping 
contributed translations back into the release. That work should be live 
in a few weeks at which time. When that's happened, please check if your 
translations have been merged in and if not, ping the list for that to 

Steffen Torp wrote:

> Hi,
> I just finished off the Norwegian translation of Gnomebaker (a 
> must-have program in Gnome), which was started by Eivind Mikkelsen. 
> What happens when a translation is finished? I guess it will be a part 
> of the next package, and the original author of the package will also 
> be notified, I hope...?
> Second, if there is a translation in the CVS of a package which hasn't 
> found its way to Ubuntu. How do we report this so that it can be 
> included. We don't want to be doing double work, do we?
> Also, I suggested a couple of changes to Rosetta (before I signed up 
> for this list) with regards to the Norwegian language. It is located 
> in the Ubuntu forums - 
> Currently there 
> are some problems with this in Rosetta. I just noticed that Karianne 
> Grønningsæter started a translation for GAIM (Bokmål Norwegian), while 
> Eivind Mikkelsen is half done with it. These should definitely be 
> merged, and my proposal in Ubuntuforums should be considered, so as to 
> make sure this double-translation doesn't happen again.
> Steffen

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