status of translated languages, and a fix to Norwegian

Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at
Mon Feb 21 15:21:36 CST 2005

Steffen Torp wrote:
> Hi,


> I just finished off the Norwegian translation of Gnomebaker (a must-have 
> program in Gnome), which was started by Eivind Mikkelsen. What happens 
> when a translation is finished? I guess it will be a part of the next 
> package, and the original author of the package will also be notified, I 
> hope...?

Not really, Rosetta is a tool to translate applications, there are some 
upstream projects that are using it directly (like bazaar, synaptic and 
pmount) but the other templates have been uploaded by translators 
directly that want to use Rosetta. You should check with the Gnomebaker 
if he's using Rosetta as his/her main source of translations (I think 
it's not the case) and if they are not caring about the translations 
from Rosetta you should send it directly.

We are near to have all Ubuntu packages imported into Rosetta, in that 
case, the Ubuntu translations will be automatically moved into the 
Ubuntu language packs so the translators don't need to care about 
sending them to anyone but if you want that your translations reach 
upstream, you should send them it.

> Second, if there is a translation in the CVS of a package which hasn't 
> found its way to Ubuntu. How do we report this so that it can be 
> included. We don't want to be doing double work, do we?

No, we don't want, but Rosetta has a set of limitations that let people 
do double work. We are working hard to fix that and are implementing 
already a way to prevent it.

> Also, I suggested a couple of changes to Rosetta (before I signed up for 
> this list) with regards to the Norwegian language. It is located in the 
> Ubuntu forums - 
> Currently there are some problems with this in Rosetta. I just noticed 
> that Karianne Grønningsæter started a translation for GAIM (Bokmål 
> Norwegian), while Eivind Mikkelsen is half done with it. These should 
> definitely be merged, and my proposal in Ubuntuforums should be 
> considered, so as to make sure this double-translation doesn't happen 
> again.

Well, that's not the best place to make suggestions. I'm not too used to 
  website forums and the amount of mails I get from mailing list is 
enough to get me busy so please, if you want that Rosetta developers 
takes care of your suggestions, please file them at the official place:

or if you don't think you should do it, send it to this mailing list (I 
think it's published directly inside ubuntuforums...

I'm not online while writing this mail so will try to read your link 

Cheers and thanks for using Rosetta.

> Steffen

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