Wrong denomination in the "Languages in Spain" box using Gallegan instead of Galician

Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at canonical.com
Thu Feb 17 12:58:25 CST 2005

Rafael Villar Burke wrote:
> Hi all,


> Rosetta is a really interesting project and I've been following it quite 
> closely from the beginning!.
> There's a really annoying mistake in the "Languages in Spain" box on the 
> Rosetta main page. It uses Gallegan instead of Galician. This 
> denomination is clearly wrong (it is a translation into english of a 
> translation into spanish of the language denomination).
> For some extrange reason something similar happened in debian-installer 
> and had a response from the galician translation team requesting for a 
> change: http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2004/04/msg02353.html
> Furthermore, the main language academy, and official reference for the 
> galician language, uses galician as the "official" translation as you 
> can check in http://www.usc.es/~ilgas/galician.html
> So, please, could you change this?. I've sent a similar request some 
> time ago, but with no result as it wasn't clear to whom should I address 
> to.

I'm being really busy and didn't had time to answer some mails. I got 
this request already (sorry for not answer it before...)

The problem comes from the official iso codes names, they have that name 
there, that's why the Debian installer and Rosetta have the same 
problem, because both projects are using iso-codes as their language 
names source.

Could you please request the same change to the iso organization?

The source where we got all that information:

> Thanks in advance and regards,


P.S.: Will try to fix it in Rosetta next week.

> Rafael Villar Burke

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