List of translatable software?

atie at
Thu Dec 22 11:31:57 GMT 2005

I have same question as Abel's. Could someone please answer this?

In addition, I am wondering how will the translations be sync'd or merged with 
Debian's and/or upstream one because many of translations under our list are 
by Debian people, some of them are marked with Rosetta Administrator. So I 
guessed starting translation for them with Rosetta Administrator is probably 
good start, but I think I got to know to tell our new volunteers for 


>Abel Cheung, Tue Dec 20 21:51:36 GMT 2005


>Under each language team, there is a list of fully or partially
>translated software; but it looks like the list of untranslated
>software is not shown (or not until I step into other language
>teams' page to find out). Is the full list shown anywhere,
>so people know what they can start to work on?

>Possibly it is documented somewhere, but I didn't manage
>to find it yet. Thanks!


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