Moving OOo translation project over to Rosetta/Launchpad

Matthias Klose doko at
Wed Dec 21 12:22:56 GMT 2005

Tim Morley schrieb:
> On 20 Dec 2005, at 20:53, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
>> Tim Morley wrote:
>>> Thanks for the info, Carlos. As I've no idea what the Ubuntu solution
>>> is to this problem, I'm asking Matthias by copy of this message for
>>> more info. Thanks in advance for the help.
>> I *think* the solution is that we collapse the POT's down to 5 or 6.
>> This is a nice middle ground between the 1 which would be HUGE and the
>> 230 that you get by default. We try, I believe, to align them along  the
>> lines of the underlying apps.
> ...which strikes me as eminently sensible, as we're trying to  
> concentrate on Writer first, to get that published (along with the  
> installer and possibly some help files). We'll worry about Calc,  Base, 
> etc. later.
> But that brings me back to my original question (well, one of 'em):  how 
> do I reconcile the differences between the 200-odd .po files that  we've 
> half-translated to date, and the half-dozen that are used in  Rosetta? 
> When I say "reconcile the differences", all I want to do is  upload the 
> work we've got so far to Rosetta and carry on working on  it there.
> How do I do that, please? Is it:
>   (A) use some script to assemble the 200-odd files into one giant  one, 
> then another script to split it up again into Rosetta-style .po  files 
> to be uploaded?
>   (B) upload all the current files to all the templates and let the  
> import system filter what it wants and what it doesn't want for each  
> Rosetta template? (potentially very long and tedious)
>   (C) Wait for the new features that Carlos described?
>   (D) $your_answer_here
> Thanks in advance for the response.

There might be two ways to compare/merge these files.

(i)  write your own set of tools to change the msgid's to match in the 
two set of files (big/small file sets), then merge the files with the 
gettext tools.

(ii) convert back both file sets to the GSI format. the tool for that 
one already exists in the translate-toolkit package. Then merge the two 
GSI files (no tool available, but you can merge them individually in the 
OOo sources, then extract them again; order of merging is important for 
which translation wins). Then convert them back to po files in the style 
you want.

With (i) you have to write some of the tools yourself, with (ii) you 
will loose the comments in the po files. If you just want to import the 
files into rosetta, then (ii) sounds like the easier way. However you 
need a partly OOo build for that (see the gsi-import/gsi-export targets 
in the debian/rules file).

A mapping of the toplevel directories to the "big" po files we build, is 
attached, please notice that this mapping is done by best knowledge, so 
certainly there may be bad mappings. it was derived from [1]. Maybe we 
should extend this split to split some subdirectories of the 
helpcontent2 directory as well, so that we have separate files for each 



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