bugs in po's created with xml2po

Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Sun Dec 11 20:39:05 GMT 2005

Hi there,

I recently downloaded some po files from the Ubuntu Documentation
project on Rosetta and build some xml using xml2po from gnome-doc-utils.
I encountered a couple of different types of bugs in the po's which I
had to fix manually, but I couldn't find these filed in malone and I
wasn't sure whether they are bugs in rosetta or in xml2po so I thought I
would post here and ask. Here we go:

1. Some problems caused by the presence of inverted commas in tags (e.g.
<ulink url="http://blah.com"> combined the the inverted commas used by
the po to separate each line of the msgstr. xml2po didn't like this and
spit it out. The following msgid is an example of a problem:

#: faqguide.xml:840(para)
msgid ""
"Currently there is no legal way to play DVDs on Linux using free
packages. "
"To enable DVD playback, read DVD-video at <ulink "
msgstr ""
"Atualmente não existe meio legal para se tocar DVDs no Linux
"pacotes livres. Para habilitar o suporte a DVD, leia DVD-video em
<ulink "

I had to amend these manually so that any instance of the double
inverted commas came at the beginning of the line instead of the end.

2. Duplicate msgid's. xml2po gave fatal errors when it found duplicate
msgid's: many of the po's contained msgid's at the end which appeared to
be commented out like this:
#: faqguide.xml:5581(screen)
#, no-wrap
#~ msgid ""
#~ "wget -c http://frankandjacq.com/ubuntuguide/mozilla-thunderbird.xpm
#~ "chmod 644 mozilla-thunderbird.xpm\n"


Let me know if I need to file these, or if they are filed already, or if
they are not rosetta bugs!!


mdke at ubuntu.com
gnupg pub 1024D/0E6B06FF
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