translation team member -> administrator: how?

Abel Cheung abelcheung at
Thu Dec 1 18:29:24 GMT 2005

On 12/2/05, Jordi Mallach <jordi at> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 02, 2005 at 01:11:13AM +0800, Abel Cheung wrote:
> > In order for a normal member from translation team to get
> > administrative right of that team, what's the procedure?
> > Get team owner's approval, or send to rosetta at
> You are the first one to ask. :)
> If the current admin refuses to promote you, you can raise the situation
> at ubuntu at and we'll have a look at the problem.
> If the problem is tat the current admin is unreachable, tell us as well
> and we'll promote you.

Thanks a lot, I will try contact team owner first, and only
ask here again if the situation is very bad.

The reason I want to get admin right is to contact various
people and add them into teams. Currently there are a few
Chinese developers on MOTU; but for other areas (like
localization) people are all working on their own, so I wish
they can work collaboratively.


> In your case, you're a well known, long time Chinese contributor for
> GNOME and other stuff, so I think very good news that you are interested
> in using Rosetta for Chinese work.
> Good luck!
> Jordi
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