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Olivier Salaün - CRU olivier.salaun at cru.fr
Fri Apr 22 08:27:20 CDT 2005

Moni wrote:

>I've tried to get there, to start the translation of sympa in occitan
>but I couldn't get to start the translation, 
>I had this message : 
>Sympa has not yet been setup for translation through Rosetta. [...]
We just registered on Rosetta web site and it is not available for 
translation yet.
I'm sure it'll be ready for translators on Monday...

>I wish to translate sympa from french to occitan, 
>could anyone explain me how I should start? 
>(and if someone could explain it in french it woulb be even better for me, but anyway I'll do my best to understand the answer even if it's in english)
Because keys in the PO file are english strings, I don't think Rosetta 
makes it possible to translate from French to Occitan. Cced are Rosetta 
administrators ; they might correct me if I am wrong.

If Rosetta does not allow it, we can provide you an updated version of 
this oc.po file :

This is a typical PO file except that it is initialized with the French 

Please let us know if you need additional informations.
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