Is there a timeline for PO-grabbing/exporting functionality?

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Fri Apr 22 22:23:11 CDT 2005

This would be great! We should probably have a part of the ubuntu wiki
focused on rosetta, and this sort of thing could be linked to from
there. Daf, could you take care of that?

Thomas Mills Hinkle wrote:

>I believe I've heard on this list that you plan to make available an
>easy way for developers to grab new translations (and ideally to
>upload them as well). Is there a timeline for such a system?
>I ask because I whipped up a python script to grab the PO files and
>fill in the translator-credits string automatically.
>If it will be a while before you have your way working, it might be
>worth it for me to improve and post the script (improvements would
>include e.g. remembering the date when it last grabbed translations
>and only updating PO files when necessary).

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