PO and POT files for Sympa project

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Thu Apr 21 18:42:32 CDT 2005

Hi Olivier

Olivier Salaün - CRU wrote:

> I've juste registered Sympa in Rosetta.
> As requested, here are URLs to latest PO and POT files :
> http://sourcesup.cru.fr/cgi/viewcvs.cgi/sympa/po/?cvsroot=sympa
> I have some questions concerning how Rosetta works :
> Are we notified about updates of PO files ?
> Should we contact you anytime POT file is updated ?
> Is there any tracebility about who introduced a translated string ?

The team will import the POT and PO files and let you know that's been
done shortly. We don't send notifications of PO file updates at this
stage, but there's a single page where you can see all of them, if you
bookmark and check that you'll quickly see what translations have been
updated, and you can then download the updated PO files. This works best
if you point your translators at the same page.

Yes, you should update the POT file yourself on a regular basis. Carlos,
am I right that Olivier would have permissions to update the POT file?

Yes, you should be able to see, for any given translation in rosetta,
who provided it, as we do keep track of that and I think present it in
the UI. If we don't it's a bug and we can fix it.


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