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On Fri, 2005-04-01 at 22:30 +0100, Matthew East wrote:
> Thanks very much for that quick response Dafydd!
> Il giorno ven, 01/04/2005 alle 22.18 +0100, Dafydd Harries ha scritto:
> > > 1) What is the justification for having separate ubuntu-translators and
> > > rosetta-users mailing lists?
> > 
> > ubuntu-translators is for people who are interested in translating
> > Ubuntu, whether through Rosetta or not.
> > 
> > rosetta-users is for people who are interested in using Rosetta, whether
> > for translating Ubuntu or not.
> Slightly confused about this: isn't this an rosetta at ubuntu list?

Well, Rosetta is developed as a tool for Ubuntu, but also we let other
people outside Ubuntu to use it.

See it from this point of view, If GNOME moves to use Rosetta as their
main tool to translate their product, why should we bore them with
Ubuntu specific mails that are not related with GNOME?

Same problem with small projects like Bazaar or pmount, why should we
bore their translations with problems that are not related to those
products and many times, with problems that are not related to Rosetta?.

> > > 2) As already pointed out by one user, there are multiples of languages
> > > which will cause a lot of confusion. Examples are Italian, Italian
> > > (Italy), Italy (Switzerland), French, French (France), French
> > > (Switzerland) etc... How are we to deal with this.
> > 
> > We are aware of this problem. We don't like having bugs in Rosetta any
> > more than our users do, but there are only so many hours in the day, so
> > we have to prioritise how we spend our time, and this is one of the
> > issues which we haven't been able to deal with yet.
> > > 3) The documentation under the hoary category is extremely difficult to
> > > categorise. First, it does not appear to be in any sort of logical
> > > order. More worryingly, some of the documents (such as the ubuntu
> > > quickguide and aboutubuntu notes from the docteam) appear twice. How are
> > > we to deal with this?
> > 
> > Suggestions for improving how we display information are welcome. In
> > order to make sure that your ideas are not forgotten, please record them
> > in Malone.
> > 
> >
> I am happy to do this for both problems 2) and 3) with a view to working
> towards a good system for future releases.
> However, I think it is important for us to remember that hoary is due to
> be released next week. I've noticed that about-ubuntu in rosetta has
> already been translated into German, and is nearly translated into
> German (Germany). Hopefully the translator will not begin working on the
> duplicate of the same document, but if so, there will be 4 copies of
> this document. Is there anything that can be done about this situation
> as an emergency measure? The system that we have been doing since the
> docteam froze these documents is translating them manually and returning
> them to the document svn repository to be built later. Is it worth
> considering continuing this system to ensure that these translations get
> into hoary in time for release?

Well, Ubuntu has been released already so I'm a bit late for this

As we said, at this moment, we are not targeting documentation to
translate with Rosetta, but it's a future goal. Next week, we have the
Ubuntu conference and we will look into the documentation use case.

I have also another mail about this issue pending to be answered with
more detailed questions.


> thanks, 
> Matt

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