[ubuntu/raring-security] keystone 1:2013.1.4-0ubuntu1.1 (Accepted)

Jamie Strandboge jamie at ubuntu.com
Mon Nov 25 20:03:56 UTC 2013

keystone (1:2013.1.4-0ubuntu1.1) raring-security; urgency=low

  * SECURITY UPDATE: don't add role when attempting to remove a non-existent
    - debian/patches/CVE-2013-4477.patch: raise RoleNotFound with exception
    - CVE-2013-4477
    - LP: #1242855

keystone (1:2013.1.4-0ubuntu1) raring-proposed; urgency=low

  * Resynchronize with stable/grizzly (9666fc0) (LP: #1241202):
    - [6792499] periodic-keystone-python27-stable-grizzly fails due to"No
      module named netaddr"   LP: 1212939
    - [775d7a7] Fix and test token revocation list API
    - [0876ea2] N+1 lookups in groups SQL LP: 1218675
    - [afbc75b] Disabling a tenant would not disable a user token LP: 1179955
    - [9666fc0] User operations with LDAP Identity and
      enabled_mask/user_enabled_default fail LP: 1210175

Date: 2013-11-05 16:10:23.201779+00:00
Changed-By: Jamie Strandboge <jamie at ubuntu.com>
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