[ubuntu/quantal] hplip 3.12.6-3ubuntu4 (Accepted)

Adam Conrad adconrad at 0c3.net
Fri Oct 12 03:24:19 UTC 2012

hplip (3.12.6-3ubuntu4) quantal-proposed; urgency=low

  * debian/patches/hplip-release-parport.patch: libsane-hpaio does not close
    /dev/parport* after checking for a scanner (LP: #1065582, Red Hat bug

hplip (3.12.6-3ubuntu3) quantal-proposed; urgency=low

  * debian/patches/crash-fixes-of-hplip-3-12-10a.patch: Fixed crash in HP
    Device Manager and System Tray due to ValueError exception in HPLIP upgrade
    functionality (LP: #1064889).
  * debian/hplip.install, debian/hplip-gui.install: Added some missing program
    file links.

Date: 2012-10-11 22:20:09.707547+00:00
Changed-By: Till Kamppeter <till.kamppeter at gmail.com>
Signed-By: Adam Conrad <adconrad at 0c3.net>
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