[ubuntu/quantal] gnome-desktop3 (Accepted)

Colin Watson cjwatson at canonical.com
Thu Oct 4 16:22:15 UTC 2012

gnome-desktop3 ( quantal-proposed; urgency=low

  * Add Replaces from libgnome-desktop-3-4 to libgnome-desktop-3-2.
    Unfortunately this shared library ships binaries in an unversioned path.
    If the upgrade ordering is such that libgnome-desktop-3-4 is unpacked
    before libgnome-desktop-3-2 is removed then dpkg will error due to file
    overwriting. The long-term solution to be implemented is to move these
    binaries to their own package and to alter consumers to depend thereon.
    (LP: #1061283)

Date: 2012-10-04 10:40:26.014599+00:00
Changed-By: Iain Lane <iain at orangesquash.org.uk>
Signed-By: Colin Watson <cjwatson at canonical.com>
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