[ubuntu/quantal-updates] glance 2012.2-0ubuntu2.3 (Accepted)

Ubuntu Archive Robot cjwatson+ubuntu-archive-robot at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Fri Nov 9 21:59:19 UTC 2012

glance (2012.2-0ubuntu2.3) quantal-security; urgency=low

  * SECURITY UPDATE: deletion of arbitrary public and shared images via
    authenticated user
    - debian/patches/CVE-2012-4573b.patch: previous patch was incomplete.
      Make corresponding change to glance/api/v2/images.py
    - CVE-2012-4573
  * debian/control: add Build-Depends-Indep on python-chardet. This is needed
    by python-requests to do encoding detection which otherwise fails in the
    new tests introduced in CVE-2012-4573b.patch.

Date: 2012-11-09 16:30:23.875380+00:00
Changed-By: Jamie Strandboge <jamie at ubuntu.com>
Maintainer: OpenStack Ubuntu packagers <openstack-packaging at lists.ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Ubuntu Archive Robot <cjwatson+ubuntu-archive-robot at chiark.greenend.org.uk>
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