[ubuntu/quantal] ldm 2:2.2.10-1 (Accepted)

Stéphane Graber stgraber at stgraber.org
Tue Jun 19 19:35:14 UTC 2012

ldm (2:2.2.10-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version:
    - Use hostnames in LDM_SERVER.
    - Remove ssh-hostchecker, which allowed for one LDM server to 
      man-in-the-middle other LDM servers.
    - ldminfod: Do not display hidden or invalid sessions (LP#991745).
    - Improved session selection handling:
      + Only save the session to the user's ~/.dmrc if it was selected from 
        the login menu (LP#981049).
      + LDM_SESSION may now also be used to specify a desktop file from 
      + LDM_FORCE_SESSION forces the session to use a specific desktop file, 
        and does not display the session selection menu if set.
    - Implement LDM_FORCE_LANGUAGE, which overrides user defined language
      setting in ~/.dmrc, and hides the Language selection menu in the
      greeter. (LP#282884).
    - Thanks to Floris Bos for the following patches:
      + Fix segfault with timeoutbox.
      + Close greeter on login failure.
      + Fix bug when searching for plugins on certain filesystems.

  * debian/rules: Use dpkg-buildflags to set CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS and CFLAGS, 
    enabling hardening for *most* LDM related binaries.
  * Remove extremely outdated README.source.

Date: 2012-06-05 04:21:38.924921+00:00
Signed-By: =?utf-8?q?St=C3=A9phane_Graber?= <stgraber at stgraber.org>
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