[ubuntu/quantal] mono (Accepted)

Iain Lane iain at orangesquash.org.uk
Mon Apr 30 20:36:36 UTC 2012

mono ( unstable; urgency=low

  * [c934e01] Remove unused File::Basename import from runtime script.
    Having this present causes failures on release upgrades where perl-base
    and perl-modules are not in a consistent state (e.g. this can happen
    when upgrading across major Perl versions). (Closes: #665335) (LP:
  * [9e3cc40] Remove monodoc-base trigger.
    This trigger updated the monodoc search index. It ended up calling
    /usr/bin/monodoc, which is shipped in the monodoc-browser package
    (source package mono-tools). The script attempted to check that
    monodoc-browser was configured, but didn't get this right. This led to
    numerous upgrade failures when Depends of monodoc-browser were not
    satisfied when the trigger was invoked and calling monodoc to update the
    search index bombed out due to this. It's more correct to just have
    monodoc-browser ship this trigger itself. (LP: #972751)
  * [dd2925c] Standards-Version bump to 3.9.3, no changes required
  * [8299ee0] Remove duplicate Depends in mono-complete
  * [508c4f5] Revert "Merge branch 'master-patches/fix_crash_in_fixup_cattrs'"
    This reverts commit 86127dcf508213eac5b50a65c989cf5971b57378, reversing
    changes made to 55a1a20a4d858346ed8a8d840abc3f9230ea816e.
    This branch introduced regressions which caused both nant and mono-upnp
    (at least) to FTBFS. (Closes: #666623)
  * [61fbbe4] Fix ARM printf format problems.
    When building with -Werror=format-security on ARM, mono fails to build
    due to incorrect format strings in arm-dis.c
    (cherry picked from commit 32c1b70ad164640ff0a2739e66884d0279cfe7c7)
    Signed-off-by: Iain Lane <laney at debian.org>
  * [9883116] Pass CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS when building binfmt-detector.
    Ensures hardening support is enabled for this binary.
    Thanks to Simon Ruderich <simon at ruderich.org> (Closes: #657518)
  * [4bb0138] Ensure compiler flags are passed into build system.
    This issue was discovered when it was noted that Debian's hardening
    buildflags weren't being propogated to all binaries.
    The patch is from Simon Ruderich <simon at ruderich.org>
    (cherry picked from commit d6dcfb27fc6252352f6ad6f8bd9ef5cff206fd46)
    Also Closes: #657518

mono ( unstable; urgency=low

  [ Zoltan Varga ]
  * [52cf3ab] Modify fixup_cattrs () to handle a corner case where a cattr is
              created using a MonoCMethod instead of a ConstructorBuilder.

  [ Moritz Muehlenhoff ]
  * [96d7d4a] Use dpkg-buildflags for enabling hardened build flags
              (closes: #657518)

  [ Mirco Bauer ]
  * [de40c42] Bumped dpkg-dev build-dep to >= 1.16.1~ as we include
              buildflags.mk of it

Date: 2012-04-17 21:20:42.104685+00:00
Signed-By: Iain Lane <iain at orangesquash.org.uk>
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