[ubuntu/precise-updates] nvidia-settings 331.20-0ubuntu0.0.1 (Accepted)

Colin Watson cjwatson at canonical.com
Mon Jan 27 18:12:23 UTC 2014

nvidia-settings (331.20-0ubuntu0.0.1) precise-proposed; urgency=low

  * debian/patches/series:
    - Do not apply 01_allow_dark_themes.dpatch.
  * debian/patches/07_remove_features_for_legacy.patch:
    - Do not expose features that are not available in the legacy
  * debian/patches/08_add_prime_support.patch:
    - Add support for PRIME switching. An additional
      tab provides support for switching between GPUs.
      This is only visible if nvidia-prime (>= 0.5) is
      installed and reports that the system supports
      hybrid graphics. No hard dependency on nvidia-prime
      is therefore required (LP: #1259237).
  * debian/patches/09_do_not_complain_if_nvidia_is_missing.patch:
    - Disable the warning dialog since it suggests to run
      nvidia-xconfig, which we don't need. This would also break
  * debian/control.in, debian/postinst.in, debian/postrm.in,
    debian/prerm.in, debian/rules:
    - Drop alternatives and remove templates, as we only have
      one nvidia-settings for all the driver flavours.
  * debian/dirs, debian/install,
    - Install the icon and the desktop files.
  * debian/control:
    - Add ${misc:Depends}.
    - Build depend on libvdpau-dev and depend on libvdpau1.
    - Create transitional packages for 319, 319-updates, 313-updates,
      310, 310-updates, 304, 304-updates, experimental-304, updates.
    - Remove lpia.
    - Depend on screen-resolution-extra (>= 0.14ubuntu2.1).
  * debian/rules:
    - Pass the destdir argument in uppercase to match the variable.
    - Add download-sources target.
    - Clean action in rules to target "clean" instead of "distclean".
    - Do not compress .c and .mk files.

Date: 2013-12-12 11:37:10.675275+00:00
Changed-By: Alberto Milone <alberto.milone at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Colin Watson <cjwatson at canonical.com>
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