[ubuntu/precise-updates] shim 0.4-0ubuntu4 (Accepted)

Stéphane Graber stgraber at stgraber.org
Thu Nov 7 18:18:49 UTC 2013

shim (0.4-0ubuntu4) saucy; urgency=low

  * debian/patches/fix-tftp-prototype: pass the right arguments to
  * debian/patches/build-with-Werror: Build with -Werror to catch future
    prototype mismatches.
  * debian/patches/fix-compiler-warnings: Fix remaining compiler
    warnings in netboot.c.
  * debian/patches/tftp-proper-nul-termination: fix nul termination
    errors in filenames passed to tftp.
  * debian/patches/netboot-cleanup: roll-up of miscellaneous fixes to
    the netboot code.

shim (0.4-0ubuntu3) saucy; urgency=low

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * Install MokManager.efi.signed in the package.
  * debian/patches/no-output-by-default.patch: Don't print any
    informational messages.  Closes LP: #1074302.

  [ Stéphane Graber ]
  * debian/patches/no-print-on-unsigned: Don't print an error message when
    validating an unsigned binary as that tends to hang Lenovo machines.
    (LP: #1087501)

shim (0.4-0ubuntu2) saucy; urgency=low

  * Add missing build-dependency on openssl.

shim (0.4-0ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
  * Drop debian/patches/shim-before-loadimage; upstream has changed this to
    not call loadimage at all.
  * debian/patches/sbsigntool-not-pesign: Sign MokManager with
    sbsigntool instead of pesign.
  * Add a versioned build-dependency on gnu-efi.

Date: 2013-09-23 07:31:11.233307+00:00
Changed-By: Steve Langasek <steve.langasek at canonical.com>
Signed-By: =?utf-8?q?St=C3=A9phane_Graber?= <stgraber at stgraber.org>
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