[ubuntu/precise] arduino 1:1.0+dfsg-9 (Accepted)

Scott Howard showard314 at ubuntu.com
Tue Mar 6 21:11:10 UTC 2012

arduino (1:1.0+dfsg-9) unstable; urgency=low

  * *.pde has been renamed *.ino by upstream. debian/rules changed
    to not compress *.ino

arduino (1:1.0+dfsg-8) unstable; urgency=low

  * Made the bootloader makefile script executable, no need for lintian
    overrides any more (arduino/hardware/arduino/bootloaders/optboot/makeall)
  * Removed all mjo makefile patches from package. Arduino-mk is now
    suggested by arduino-core.
  * Debian S-R 3.9.3 no changes

arduino (1:1.0+dfsg-7) unstable; urgency=low

  * arduino-core depends on libconfig-yaml-perl. Ship mjo/ard-parse-boards
    (Closes: #660271). Will eventually drop that depend and move all mjo/
    to new package now that there are regular releases.

arduino (1:1.0+dfsg-6) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release of mjo makefile (0.8). debian/patches/mjo* updated
    - Patches for version 1.0 of the Arduino IDE. Older versions might still
      work, but I've not tested it.
    - A change to the build process: rather than link all the system objects
      directly into the executable, bundle them in a library first. This
      should make the final executable smaller.
    - If TARGET isn't explicitly set, default to the current directory name.
      Thanks to Daniele Vergini for this patch.
    - Add support for .c files in system libraries: Dirk-Willem van Gulik and
      Evan Goldenberg both reported this and provided patches in the same
    - Added a size target as suggested by Alex Satrapa.

Date: 2012-03-02 03:22:32.795255+00:00
Changed-By: Scott Howard <showard314 at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Scott Kitterman <ubuntu at kitterman.com>
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