[ubuntu/precise] gnome-u2ps 0.0.4-4.2 (Accepted)

Angel Abad angel at debian.org
Thu Jan 12 09:26:14 UTC 2012

gnome-u2ps (0.0.4-4.2) unstable; urgency=high

  * Non-maintainer upload
  * Fixed FTBFS for --no-add-needed flag, binutils-gold (Closes: #554665)
    debian/patches/02_binutils_gold.patch (thanks to Mahyuddin Susanto)
  * lintian error cleaning, switch to simple dh7 to fix other FTBFSes
    - recreate build system to stop lintian auto-reject tag:
      binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath and ancient-autotools-helper-file
      (Closes: #350139)
    - added ${misc:Depends} to depends for debhelper-but-no-misc-depends
    - 3.0 (quilt) for debian-rules-uses-deprecated-makefile
    - compat 8 for package-uses-deprecated-debhelper-compat-version
  * BD on intltool to fix FTBFS, call intltool to fix FTBFS on
    po/Makefile.in.in not being created

Date: 2012-01-11 03:23:26.294097+00:00
Changed-By: Sergio Talens-Oliag <sto at iti.es>
Signed-By: Angel Abad <angel at debian.org>
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