[ubuntu/precise] schroot 1.4.25-1 (Accepted)

Jean-Louis Dupond jean-louis at dupond.be
Mon Feb 13 22:42:10 UTC 2012

schroot (1.4.25-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream stable release.
  * Build-Depend on generic Boost pacakges, to build against v1.48.
  * Support for overlayfs has been added in addition to aufs and
    unionfs (Closes: #648450).  Thanks to Evan Broder.  Backported
    from schroot-1.5.2.

schroot (1.4.24-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream stable release.
  * Add multiarch support.  Backported from schroot 1.5.1.
  * Use debhelper 9 and dh using compat level 9.
  * Use Standards-Version 3.9.2.
  * Build-Depend upon groff-base for soelim.
  * Support for zip file archives has been removed.  zip was not able
    to archive named pipes and device nodes, and so was not usable
    for chroot archival.
  * Don't Suggest unzip now zip is not a supported archive
  * Correct race condition in 15killprocs (Closes: #645223).  Thanks to
    Patrick Ohly for this patch.
  * Fix name lookup issue causing FTBFS with GCC 4.7 (Closes: #656239).
    Thanks to Ralf Corsépius for this patch.

Date: 2012-02-04 21:27:17.061210+00:00
Signed-By: Stefano Rivera <launchpad at rivera.za.net>
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